Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's for Dinner? Wednesday

What's for dinner, you say? Tonight we had: pot roast w| gravy (thanks, crockpot!), mac & cheese, carrots, corn, green beans (not pictured), and biscuits! Yum yum yum yum.. yum.

What did you have for dinner?


  1. So delicious!! Do you have a recipe for the pot roast? Did your kiddos enjoy it?

    We made herb and cheese stuffed cheeseburgers and some oven baked steak fries. I just finished the leftovers for lunch :)

    1. I usually just buy a whole beef roast from the grocery store, turn my crockpot on high and let it sit in there all day. Mix in 3 packets of brown gravy, whole baby carrots & sliced potatoes. The roast will fall apart in there and be so tender and juicy! I let it go from early in the morning until about 5pm and it's done! This time I didn't do the carrots and potatoes because I forgot to pick up carrots and my potatoes weren't any good.. but the meat is still so delicious!

      Those cheeseburgers sound delicious! Do you have a recipe? Or do you just add in your own herbs?

    2. Oh, and yes! My kiddos will tear it up as long as it's tender and easily chewable! Addison isn't really a meat-eater but she also enjoyed it. And they always go for the carrots and potatoes because they're so tender too.

  2. please send me a pot roast, please! i love that shit.