i'm twenty-five. i graduated high school in 2007, dropped out of college the first time and for the fall 2012 semester, i have re-enrolled and hope to finish this time with my associates (in applied science) degree [even if it is 5 years later]. i'm a very artsy person and i have been ever since i can remember. i fell in love with photography around the age of 12 and have practiced it ever since. everything i do is self taught. i want to re-learn how to sew. i love having my nails done. i barely ever go out. i have had an online journal since i was about 13-14 and i still have one to this day (mostly private, silly crap).. but that's why i love to blog. memories to look back on. oh, and i love to cook. i'm a goofball and find humor easily (usually in things i shouldn't). ...yep, that's me in a nutshell.