Saturday, June 30, 2012

Addison is 1... Wait, where did time go?

So, two weeks ago has come and gone quicker than I ever thought possible. My newborn is now pushing a month old and Addison's first birthday came and passed just as fast! Her party was a hit and she's already doing so many things to be just a year old! It seems like before I know it, she'll be three just like Gunner and BAM! My baby will be in school herself. They grow so fast and when people say cherish it, they surely mean it because kids change. So quickly.. and so often. It's like one day she was crawling, the next she was climbing, then walking.. and I'm like ahh.. what's next? I'm waiting for her to really start talking because she's picked up on a few words & will copy some things. Bye-bye, Kara, mama, bubba, skate, what, huh & a few others are what we hear more than anything. It's also really crazy to me how different she and her brother have been. Gunner walked before he crawled.. and she did the exact opposite. He also had teeth at 2 months old and she is pushing 13 months and still doesn't have a single ONE! Insane. And as much as I hate her growing so quickly, I'm really ready to surpass this forever long teething stage we've been in for the past... oh, just close to a year!

Anyway, some pictures of this cute & cuddly crawling, walking, babblin', sweetheart of a baby girl of mine:

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  1. No hair and no teeth! Not even for her birthday! :P Happy birthday Addison! How precious! I love that purple color of her cake, haha.