Friday, May 4, 2012

pregnancy blabbing.

so, i'm due june 08th with our third child. every other wednesday, i have centering group. for those of you who don't know what that is, it's pretty much like group therapy or birthing class.. minus all the birthing talk and a little more of general pregnancy talk. it gives us a lot of time to bond with mothers who are also around the same due date, etc etc. i have the most children out of anyone in the group and our june group ranges from people who are 18-19 years old to about 30 years old, lol. there are 2 other girls in there that each are due with their 2nd child and then the rest are first timers. it's pretty neat.. i can't believe this pregnancy is almost over, though. it's went by rather quickly. not sure if it's because i've just kind of ignored the fact that i was pregnant because i've focused so much on my 3 year old and my 10 month old daughter.. or what, but yeah.

yesterday we decided that most likely, i will be induced on june 01st. i've had a lot of blood pressure problems as well as pain/pressure, varicose veins and so on and so forth this time around. i was induced with both of my other children so i'm pretty used to the procedure, although they were two very different birth experiences. this time, i've decided to just let her break my water & rather than be hooked up to an IV with pitocin, i am going to try and labor on my own, naturally without medication (or at least as much as possible). hopefully things progress okay and we don't have to go another route, but if not.. we'll deal with that as the time comes.

anyway. june 01st is only about 3.5 weeks away and i'm really nervous. when i had addison, i donated and gave away all of her newborn and 0-3 months stuff to friends and whatnot. i didn't expect to have another baby this soon. now.. miss addy is only almost 11 months old (her first birthday will be june 14th) and i'm already due to have a newborn! so i've got to repurchase all of the early clothing and whatnot. stressssful. baby #3, aka callie brynn, only has 2 outfits. lol crazy. i can't believe i haven't been more prepared, but i'll manage! hopefully i manage to get a little more prepared before she's born.

i'm nervous because i'm also choosing to have my tubes tied this time and surgery terrifies me, but i know it needs to be done. shortly after i get fixed, i'm hoping sean goes along with getting his own procedure done as well.. but we all know how men are!

anyway, now the countdown begins.

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