Monday, May 14, 2012

more baby callie talk!

it's confirmed: june 01st is my set induction date. i'm so nervous! but i'm also very excited. it's less than 3 weeks away! more like 18 days! i also get to have my tubal surgery done the next morning, which will be a saturday, but my doctor is awesome and isn't making me stay in the hospital and wait until monday and then have to turn around and stay in there even longer after the surgery. so i'm glad to have it done saturday first thing! i'm really really nervous and i have so many things to do to prepare, but at the same time... i'm so beyond ready! i'm ready to have my daughter here, i'm ready to be un-pregnant and healing, i'm ready to have a family of 5.

my kids are growing like weeds! addison is starting to walk. gunner is smarter than ever and is getting ready to (hopefully) start pre-school this year. so many things going on! i just don't even know where to start to think about time for me going back to school! i guess things will all fall into place eventually!

oh, and i'm not sure if we ever posted it.. but we decided on callie brynn. i've also racked up more baby clothing and i've got to wash my bedding and carseat and all of that and i'll be a bit more prepared! still some clothes to get, though!

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